Doreen Simpson


After studying a background in film and television at a post-secondary institution, Doreen moved to New York City in 2004. Determined in creating a career path for herself in the film industry she began working as an intern simultaneously at TNT Casting and at Zooma Zooma, a commercial production house. Finally, in 2006, an opportunity would come when she landed an internship for then music video director, Little X at one of the most top leading prestigious film production companies in the world, HSI Productions. By 2008, Doreen quickly rose from personal assistant to business manager where she worked alongside renowned visionary filmmaker, Director X and long-time manager Taj Critchlow. Attaining experience on large productions with A-list clients provided valuable insight in which Doreen utilized to grow and develop Xrock Business Service in 2009. With providing an increased knowledge in financial stability, Doreen not only began producing smaller budget music videos but also established a finance component to the business.

In the charitable sector, Doreen was recently appointed June 2020, as the President of the Remember The 400 Foundation; working with individuals on a shared focus of implementing powerful programs towards black youth. Whether on the screen or in our daily lives Doreen continues to to be a driving force for social change.